Kursusunderviser Neil Tye

Speciale: Mime og fysisk teater

Neil Tye
6640 Lunderskov
Tlf.: 41 42 19 63
Instagram: neiltyegallery

Hvad kan jeg tilbyde DATS´ medlemmer?
Mask & Mask making courses
You can either choose to have mask classes where you will use caricature masks that are
ready to use. Or you can book Neil to come and do around 5 sessions where you can get the chance to
make your own caricature half mask. The materials have to be provided by your
organisation, and each session will be a minimum of 2 hours long. If you choose the mask making classes, In between and after making your mask there will be some inspiring improvisation classes where you will get to use, and practice wearing a mask.

Contact Improvisation
Learn how to be aware of, and use your body both physically and creatively. A course that will keep you fit in a creative way!!
Contact improvisation involves the exploration of one’s body in relationship to others by
using the fundamentals of sharing weight, touch, and movement awareness.

Mime & Physical Theatre
Learn how to move your body in slow motion, body illusion techniques from the classical
“stuck in a box” illusion mime techniques, to stage fighting, to many different improvisational exercises and much more!!
You will learn new ways of expressing through the body, learning techniques both in the
art of modern mime and physical theatre.

We will explore topics such as:
Objective mime (Illusion)
Subjective mime (Body Mime Techniques)
Vocal & verbal improvisation
Characterisation & Caricature
Physical Theatre techniques
Developing individual & group physical awareness & collaboration.
Body awareness
Mime and Physical theatre is a non verbal physical form of theatre where the body is the
primary tool and focus of artistically expressing feelings, emotions, and story.

The courses are open for the creatively curious, teachers working with drama in schools,
and those who are involved in theatre.
Teaching will be in English

Om mig selv
I am a passionate teacher with a strong desire to see each workshop participant released into their full
potential. My form and methods of teaching are very pedagogic, creative and always thinking out of the box, in order to allow the students to discover new and imaginative ideas.
If you choose to use me you will get a teacher with over 20 years of experience within the theatre arts,
teaching subjects in physical theatre, modern mime, masks, visual and installation art for theatre.
I have been teaching and leading performing arts lines in various places in Denmark. 9 years at an
international “Højskole” in Kolding, 11 years at an international “Efterskole” in Kolding, 2 years at the SDU in Esbjerg, and I am currently working at Lunderskov Efterskole teaching on the theatre line.
I believe that I can bring new ways of expression, new ways of approaching the arts, stage, and performance to those who are interested.

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Med vores ”Hjemme-hos-kurser” kan vores medlemmer få en kursusunderviser til at komme hjem på deres scene eller på skolen, hvis blot det nødvendige antal deltagere samles. Hvis det er et problem, hjælper vi gerne med at udbrede kendskab til kurset, så dette kan oprettes.

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